75 Removing the Static
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Static!!!  Did you know there’s “static” that hinders our walk with God and gets in our way? Like those times in our lives when God gets in and you feel totally in tune with him, then all of a sudden … Read More

74 The Battle of Language Pt 3
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Welcome back to Quest for Rest!  Today we conclude the last episode of this three-part series, “The Battle of Language”.  We pray you have enjoyed this series and have gained more understanding about the power of language and how it … Read More

73 The Battle of Language Pt 2
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In today’s episode, we continue discussing the battle of language.  Have you ever stopped to notice that the words of your flesh (natural mind) bombard you with words that are totally opposite of who God says you are?  We tend … Read More

72 The Battle of Language
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Welcome back to Quest for Rest!! Today we start another amazing, anointed series entitled, “The Battle of Language”.  In this series, Apostle Payandeh expounds on how we are the expression/display of the very language of our minds.  Do you believe and … Read More

71 Pt 4 Embracing True Spirituality
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Do you yearn to see the manifestation of God’s power flowing in and through your life? Would you like to see the Lord show himself strong on your behalf? Honesty and Confession are at the heart of true Spirituality. We … Read More

70 Pt 3 Embracing True Spirituality
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In this delightful, uplifting segment of Embracing True Spirituality, we learn about the art of simply Yielding our will to God’s will and intent so that He can function through us.  The Holy Spirit is the one who does the … Read More

69 Pt 2 Embracing True Spirituality
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Happy New Year!!  Welcome back to episode 69, Embracing True Spirituality Pt 2.  Have you ever heard a Christian say, “When I first came to Christ, I started off well and was on fire for God!” and then….?  What happens? … Read More

68 Embracing True Spirituality
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True spirituality is not about what you know only, but it’s the reality of God impacting our lives in a very real way.  Every day mankind is looking for experiences that are real and tangible; not more philosophy.  In this … Read More

67 Walking in Victory: The Battle Has Been Won
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  Are you Walking in the Victory Jesus has already won?  In this Episode, Apostle Payandeh teaches us that Jesus came to do three things: to redeem mankind, to win the battle and to be observed and testified by You. … Read More

66 Pt 2 In God’s Light, we shall see Light
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Welcome back to Part 2 of In God’s Light, we shall see Light. In today’s episode, Apostle Payandeh teaches on the process of shedding the natural man and evolving into the Father’s identity. As we partake of God’s nature, we … Read More

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