20 Pt 1 Swallowed Up by God

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In this 3 part series, Apostle Payandeh is revisiting our false perceptions of what WE think God’s rest is. By episode 22, you’re understanding will truly be opened and if you haven’t already been filled with the Holy Spirit – GET READY!!!  YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS SERIES.

In episode 20, Apostle Payandeh breaks down what it means to be aligned with God: What is alignment? Alignment is to be set in the original position (designed and purposed by God) of where you’re supposed to be. Alignment does not come through striving, but through restoration.

He then revisits our false perceptions of rest. Our natural thinking would have us believe that if we are following God and living in Him; then we shouldn’t experience challenges, difficult obstacles, suffering or problems. However, Apostle Payandeh takes us back to a time when the disciples found themselves in the midst of a furious storm.  The storm came with heavy winds, rain, waves that over took the boat (see Matthew 8: 23-27); but, during this storm, Jesus slept!! How is this possible to sleep during a time like this!? . Apostle Payandeh is going to break down this false thinking and bring truth to what God’s rest truly is.

Please remember to send in any questions/comments you may have on any of the episodes you’ve heard so far, or on anything that has been pressing on your heart. Send us an email to apostlepayandeh@questforrest.com or call us at 860-431-0201. And as always, God bless you!!

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