21 Pt 2 Swallowed Up by God

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Welcome back for Pt 2 of Swallowed Up by God. In this episode, Apostle Payandeh discuss the freedom of God’s rest vs the bondage of condemnation, guilt and accusation. Did you even realize that you live out of a place of condemnation? Not many people do and most think they’re causing it themselves; but, that is far from the truth and Apostle Payandeh will explain where this condemnation comes from.

He also discusses the 2 things that God wants to reveal to each and every one of us. Not knowing these two things is the root of our challenges. Once we know them – “It’s Over”!!! And of course, there’s so much more that God reveals through Apostle Payandeh during this episode.

As you continue to listen in to Quest for Rest podcasts, we know that God is opening your understanding more and more, to the truth of His rest. In next week’s episode, Apostle Payandeh is going to bring you through the first protocol needed in order to be in God’s rest. This coming episode is not one that you will want to miss. Episode 22 is going to be a life changer. If you have not received the baptism of the Holy Spirit – then this is your opportunity. We guarantee that this will be the experience with God that you have been waiting for.

Please remember to send in any questions/comments you may have on any of the episodes you’ve heard so far, or on anything that has been pressing on your heart. Send us an email to apostlepayandeh@questforrest.com or call us at 860-431-0201. And as always, God bless you!!

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