22 Holy Spirit, Pt 3 Swallowed Up by God

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We have reached Pt 3 of Swallowed Up by God. This series, for us, has been one of the most exciting so far to record. The glory of God that fell during this recording was absolutely amazing; and now, you get to experience it as well. This is a time of true manifestation of God. Open your hearts and let the presence of God take you over as you listen and join this podcast today. Get ready to be filled with the Holy Spirit of the Lord. Don’t fear – God absolutely wants to fill you today. Nothing you’ve done would ever cause God to keep His Spirit from you. Don’t let shame or guilt limit what God wants to do in you through this podcast. This is FOR YOU, a gift from heaven FOR YOU! Yield your hearts to His love and let Him fill you in a way you never thought possible. Then once you’ve listened and have been filled – reach out to us and let us know about your experience. We want to hear from you. We know that God is doing amazing things through this podcast, so encourage us with your testimonies!!


Please remember to send in any questions/comments you may have on any of the episodes you’ve heard so far, or on anything that has been pressing on your heart. Send us an email to apostlepayandeh@questforrest.com or call us at 860-431-0201. And as always, God bless you!!

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  1. Eva
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    Oh how this episode is true to what it promised! Although I have been filled with the Holy Spirit, I had never felt God move on me like that by just listening to an audio! I was literally being delivered from nasty spirits that were attached to me. The way I knew that I was being delivered was by my constant yawing throughtout listening to this episode. God doesn’t just want us to be saved and filled with His beautiful Holy Spirt but He also wants us to be healed & delivered from anything that would hinder our relationship with Him so that He can express Himself through us thereby being swallowed up by Him. What an AWESOME God He is!

  2. David
    | Reply

    As I was listening to this episode the presence of God came on me and I started worshiping God and speaking in tongues it changed the atmosphere around me. Awesome experience! I hope everyone that is listening is getting blessed by this podcast like I am . God bless

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