29 The ‘How’ Pt 2

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Last week Apostle Payandeh began to answer our question of “How can we Be?”. This week we continue with this discussion as he explains the true motive behind our questioning of “How”, which was quite eye opening.  He also gives us the protocol to follow in order to “Be” in alignment with God, His purpose and intention.
If there’s one thing we’ve learned over these past few episodes is that we must be true seekers of God in order to “Be”. We must be willing to cooperate and yield to the Holy Spirit so that He can function fully in us and redeem those remaining areas of our soulish/natural thinking. If your ultimate desire is to be a true expression of Christ on earth, then these Quest for Rest teachings are giving you the answer. The question to ask now is “How do I cooperate with the Holy Spirit”?
Remember to reach out to us, there is no question too simple. Our desire is to give full understanding of the true intent of God’s word. Don’t be fearful of seeking for more understanding and knowledge of God – be bold, ask questions, make comments, as you engage with the man of God, you’ll get more from God Himself who will deliver a right on time word for you through Apostle Payandeh. Email or call us; reach out to us via FB, Instagram, Twitter or Google Pages.
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