31 Confession Pt 2

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“So true Pastor because in every case where I have “Confessed” and then  experienced forgiveness and deliverance; there’s was no more guilt or shame!  I was then FREE to testify about God’s awesome work in my life!!!” I.P.


“Confession is giving me testimony!” A.R.


“Carrying around all that darkness is exhausting! The more we confess the better we feel. So freeing. ” J.C.


“Confession, repentance, & forgiveness has given me a freedom I’ve never felt before ! As many have said before me I want all of these sins hidden by pride to come out in the open ! Thank you!” A.L.


These are just some of the testimonies that have come through from a few of our listeners in regard to the power and freedom of confession!  We pray you as well are feeling this same liberty!

In today’s episode, we dive into Part 2 of Confession, as Apostle Payandeh dives deeper into the foundation of our personality and how it relates to our true identity. Let’s dig in…click the link below to listen.

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