32 Confession Pt 3

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In this episode, Apostle Payandeh continues his teaching on identity, where our personality originates from and what confession does for us. As we are starting to see, confession is a necessary part of our Christian walk. Without confession, we’re unable to be functional christians in our environments and within our spheres of influence. Our goal, is to be; to be the image of Christ and to release the kingdom of God within our surroundings and to see the manifold wisdom of God manifesting in everything we do and touch. But that’s not possible when we have “stuff” that blocks the power of God from being fully apparent in us and through us. God can, and does work through us in various ways, but with those iniquities still at play in our personalities, we’re unable to reach our fullest potential.


Last week we saw some testimonies of folks who have put Confession into practice in their daily prayer lives; now we want to hear from you. Have you learned what Confession really is? Do you have questions about Confession? Have you allowed the Holy Spirit to show you areas that need to be confessed and if so, have you felt the liberty after Confession has taken place?

Please share with us your testimonies of what Confession has done for you!!

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