36 Pt 2 Restoration of Identity Through the Restoration of Worship

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In thy light shall we see light….. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Apostle Payandeh started teaching about this very scripture three weeks ago in episode 33, Substance of Light vs The Pattern of Religion. Now, he continues to take a 
deeper dive into the importance and significance of the Light and Life of God, in Pt 2 of Restoration of Identity Through the Restoration of Worship. 
In today’s episode, he teaches how the light brings to the surface those areas in our soulish nature that block us and keep us from realizing our true identity, living in and through the reality of God. Through confession and worship, we yield those areas to Him, so that more light can shine in us and through us. 
We pray that the Holy Spirit continue to impart understanding of the magnitude of what Apostle Payandeh is teaching. These teachings are truly marvelous and the revelatory truth of each teaching is astounding. So without further ado, click on the link and get ready to be blasted with the Glory of God!
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