37 Knowing God & Loving God is the Foundation Pt 1

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Knowing God and Loving God is the Foundation Pt 1

Welcome back to episode 37 of Quest for Rest. Today’s episode lays more foundational understanding to what the purpose of this podcast is all about. In Knowing God and Loving God is the Foundation, Pastor Payandeh releases more truth in regard to our spiritual hearts, our dual identities and the true purpose of who God created us to be. Although it may seem like we’ve discussed these topics before, Pastor Payandeh explains why – God wants us all to truly understand who we are in Him. Without having the proper foundation of our identity, we are unable to function and revert back to our own ways which leave us with unpleasant “feelings” and unable to be who are created to be. As you listen today, engage with the message, open your hearts and receive the words from the man of God. The power of God through these messages is truly magnificent.

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