47 Who’s Report do you Believe Pt 2

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Welcome back to episode 47, pt 2 of Who’s Report do you Believe? In today’s episode, Apostle Payandeh teaches on the authority that we now have, through the Holy Spirit, to battle against the “booby traps” that the enemy has left behind. But when we try to step out and battle it on our own, those traps explode and we wind up wondering “where was God”? As Apostle Payandeh explains, this is the body of death, but we have a Holy Spirit within us and a new being (our true selves) that has set us free from this body of death!!!!! In Christ, our battle has already been won, sin is conquered, we are at rest!!!!! There’s so much wisdom that is being shared in this episode, click on the link and listen in…


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  1. Eva Bousquet
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    This episode “Who’s Report Do You Believe” refreshed my spirit tonight. I will raise my hand and say, “I believe the report of the Lord! The report that says that when he owned me all my issues are taken care of – He heals me, cleanses me, delivers me, sanctifies me, glorifies me, fills me with His life, and empowers me by His Spirit!” What an awesome report!

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