54 Intentional Life of a Believer: Don’t You WANT to Know?

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Last week we began the series Intentional Life of a Believer. This week, as we continue with this teaching, Apostle Payandeh explains how important it is to “want to know”. There is no intention without desire; and in order to move forward and upward, we have to be aware, as we learned a few weeks ago. To be aware, you have to want to know where you are spiritually and what areas need correction to move forward. And as Apostle Payandeh continues to remind us, the best part is we don’t have to “do the doing“, all we have to do is yield and be open and allow the Holy Spirit to do the work in us!! AMAZING!!!

So click on the link and listen to Episode 54, Intentional Life of the Believer: Don’t You WANT to Know?




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