6 Man’s Rest VS God’s Rest Pt 2

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When man was originally created, he knew his identity and his purpose. He had no question of his relationship with God. He communed with God daily and rested in Him at all times. His ways of being and thinking were wrapped in God and there was no such thing as an “identity crisis”. Today, man has no idea of his true purpose and does not know who he is. Since his inner most desire is to be firmly rooted and steady, He spends his whole life seeking out and attempting to create his own identity.  This self-created identity is based upon familial and societal influences, which unfortunately “evolve” and change. This constant change and fluctuation causes man’s identity to be unsteady; which then becomes the source of man’s unrest. In Episode 6, Pastor Payandeh discusses God’s original intention for mankind and our current state of being.


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    These Quest for rest podcasts are teaching me to surrender my own will and to rely on Jesus and His will for me, that is teaching me to rest in Himself and I just need to be and not to rush through things of life and give control to GOD ,so He can show me my purpose and what He wants me to be and do for the Kingdom of God by staying connected to His Spirit which leads me to total rest ,to be the best He wants for me, that’s riding me of my old self, Thank you for the Podcasts.

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