8 Pt 2 How Can I Finally Get That Rest You’re Talking About?

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Listen in to Pt 2 of How Can I Finally Get that Rest You’re Talking About?

As we continue to dive deeper into God’s Rest, we are coming to a point in which many are now asking, “How?”, “What do I need to do”? In today’s episode, Pastor Payandeh answers this question and helps us to realize it’s not about “doing”, it’s about “being”. We must change and shift our paradigm – the way we think; however, it’s not something we ourselves do, but instead by continuing to be exposed to Gods reality, He does the shifting for us.

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  1. Alice
    | Reply

    These Quest for Rest Podcasts, are teaching me alot,Rest to me what God is saying is, DON’T react to every situation , just be still and wait and listen for God to bring clarity and directions and if He says do then do and if it’s don’t , don’t question His decision, give Him total control, then we see our rest, Thank you Lord.

    • Mehran Payandeh
      | Reply

      That’s wonderful! We’re so glad to hear that you are understanding what God is saying and imparting through these podcasts!

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