5 Man’s Rest Vs. God’s Rest

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In the last 4 episodes, we’ve discussed various ways in which people seek out rest and we’ve touched upon our own human perception of rest. However, God has a very specific definition of rest and our human version is quite opposite to what God truly meant. So, in today’s episode we will be discussing the differences between our language and perceptions vs. God’s language and perceptions; God’s rest vs. Man’s rest. This will take us back to the origin of where it all began – creation. Without truly understanding God’s intention for creation, we cannot understand our identity.  God had an explicitly designed purpose and identity for mankind.  After all, man was created in His image and likeness – but what does this mean and how does it all relate? Join in and listen to Pastor Mehran Payandeh as he expounds upon the differences between God’s rest and Man’s rest.
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