65 In God’s Light, we shall see Light
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Are you desirous to grow in Christ and consistently see Him at work in your everyday life? In this episode, Apostle Payandeh teaches us about the reality of God’s light that influences us.  We “become” by entering into His light … Read More

64 Pt 3 What Do You Know About Eternal Reality?
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In today’s episode, Apostle Payandeh finishes teaching on What Do You Know About Eternal Reality?  So many of us look to have our needs met through different avenues; yet our needs remain unmet and our thirst unquenched.  God’s eternal reality … Read More

63 Pt 2 What Do You Know About Eternal Reality?
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Welcome back to pt 2 of What Do You Know About Eternal Reality? In this episode we are learning more about the eternal language and culture of the Kingdom of God. Apostle Payandeh teaches today about our dual identities, what … Read More

62 What Do You Know About Eternal Reality? Pt 1
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Eternal Reality, eternal culture, eternal language….what have you been taught about God’s eternal realm? Most of us know nothing about the eternal realm in which we now reside after becoming born again. What we do know are religious teachings, such … Read More

61 God’s Image and Likeness: Laws of the Spirit
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Welcome back to part 2 of God’s Image and Likeness series. In today’s episode we continue with the second half of this teaching, in which Apostle Payandeh continues to teach us about the foundation of our identity and the ways … Read More

60 God’s Image and Likeness: Our Foundation
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In the last series entitled True Identity, Apostle Payandeh taught us about who we truly are in Christ. In this next two part series, we will learn the foundation of that identity and how the serpent went about disguising who we … Read More

59 True Identity: Wholeness & Maturity
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Wholeness comes with Preparation and Maturity!!!   Each one of us has an identity: an identity that God has ordained and called us to. With that identity comes a certain authority and jurisdiction that can not be surpassed, changed or … Read More

True Identity: Wholeness is God’s Desire
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    Wholeness: the state of being unbroken or undamaged. When Adam sinned in the garden, we inherited the brokenness and disease that resulted from that sin. God’s desire is to see us whole, to see us BE what He … Read More

57 Meaningful Life: One Whole Life
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Every wonder about Adam, creation, his sin and how it all affected us? How was it supposed to be?   Our life was meant for purpose, to bridge heaven to earth. This is how God designed for each of us … Read More

56 Meaningful Life
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Are you in pursuit of a meaningful life? Do you desire it? Do you have a heartfelt cry for it? Are you willing to give everything you have for it? There is one who IS the life, the meaningful life … Read More

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