48 Swallowed Up in His Death
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Welcome back to Quest for Rest: Episode 48, Swallowed Up in His Death. Today’s episode brings clarity to the struggle many Christians face in the battle between our human nature and the eternal-spiritual life God intends us to live in. … Read More

47 Who’s Report do you Believe Pt 2
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Welcome back to episode 47, pt 2 of Who’s Report do you Believe? In today’s episode, Apostle Payandeh teaches on the authority that we now have, through the Holy Spirit, to battle against the “booby traps” that the enemy has … Read More

46 Who’s Report do You Believe?
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Welcome back to Quest for Rest!! Today we start another exciting series entitled Who’s Report do you Believe?  In this series, Apostle Payandeh touches once again on the differences in the two realities and which reality are you going to … Read More

45 Identity Crisis Pt 4
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Welcome back to Identity Crisis on Quest for Rest…Today we conclude this series with Apostle Payandeh revealing the root defilement issue that has caused us to stray from our true identity in Christ. We pray you have enjoyed this series … Read More

44 Identity Crisis Pt 3
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Welcome back to episode 44, part 3 of Identity Crisis. Today, Apostle Payandeh moves further into our true identity; liberated worship warriors! However, in order to be liberated worship warriors, we must allow the Holy Spirit to remove the barriers … Read More

43 Identity Crisis Pt 2
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In today’s episode, we continue discussing the identity crisis of many believers today. Fortunately, God has given us the truth in this podcast through Apostle Payandeh, so that we can realize who we truly are. Jesus is the way, the … Read More

42 Identity Crisis
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Today we begin another awesome series by Apostle Payandeh, in which he discusses the difference between a soul based Christian and one who is connected via his spiritual heart. As you can recall, Apostle Payandeh has been teaching us about … Read More

41 Pt 3 Who’s Determining Your Reality?
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Welcome back to Part 3 of Who’s Determining Your Reality. In this episode, Apostle Payandeh gets into more detail of the reasons why we alter between the two realities (of the world and of God). This series is a phenomenal teaching … Read More

40 Pt 2 Who’s Determining Your Reality?
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  Episode 40: Who’s Determining Your Reality Pt 2 As we continue with part 2 of Who’s Determining Your Reality, Apostle Payandeh continues to explain the differences of the reality of God vs. the reality of this world. He also … Read More

39 Who’s Determining Your Reality
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Thank you for joining us for episode 39 of Quest for Rest: Who’s Determining Your Reality???  In today’s episode, Apostle Payandeh is teaching on the two realities in which many of us find ourselves. As born again Christians, many of … Read More

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