55 Intentional Life of the Believer: Language Makes a Difference
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Corruption!!! It’s the buzzword these days when it comes to politics; but did you know it’s actually closer to to home, more so than we realize? How? Where? In our language. The manner in which we speak, think and act … Read More

54 Intentional Life of a Believer: Don’t You WANT to Know?
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Last week we began the series Intentional Life of a Believer. This week, as we continue with this teaching, Apostle Payandeh explains how important it is to “want to know”. There is no intention without desire; and in order to … Read More

53 Intentional Life of a Believer – Living Each Day Through God’s Intent for our Lives
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What is your daily intent? Is it meaningful? Did you know your intent and actions on a daily basis, are expressions of what you believe?! So many believers live based on fear; waiting to see “what happens” in order to … Read More

52 Are You Aware? Pt 3
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“Why do I think this way? Why do I behave this way”?   These are just a couple of the questions that bring about awareness of ones own condition. We’ve returned with part 3 of Are You Aware on Quest … Read More

51 Are You Aware? Pt 2
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In today’s episode, we continue with the second part of Are You Aware? If you listened to last week’s episode, Apostle Payandeh began to teach about awareness of one’s own state of dysfunction! In episode 51, he continues to discuss … Read More

50 Are You Aware?
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Welcome to Quest for Rest. Today we’re listening to episode 50 “Are You Aware”?. Aware of what, you may ask? Aware of what is truly controlling your daily life! Are you aware that you have two identities: your private identity … Read More

49 Swallowed Up in His Death Pt 2
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Today marks episode 49, Pt 2 of Swallowed Up in His Death. In this episode, we finish this two part series with the answer to ‘How can I be swallowed up in His death’???? It’s through CONFESSION!!!! Confession is the … Read More

48 Swallowed Up in His Death
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Welcome back to Quest for Rest: Episode 48, Swallowed Up in His Death. Today’s episode brings clarity to the struggle many Christians face in the battle between our human nature and the eternal-spiritual life God intends us to live in. … Read More

47 Who’s Report do you Believe Pt 2
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Welcome back to episode 47, pt 2 of Who’s Report do you Believe? In today’s episode, Apostle Payandeh teaches on the authority that we now have, through the Holy Spirit, to battle against the “booby traps” that the enemy has … Read More

46 Who’s Report do You Believe?
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Welcome back to Quest for Rest!! Today we start another exciting series entitled Who’s Report do you Believe?  In this series, Apostle Payandeh touches once again on the differences in the two realities and which reality are you going to … Read More

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