28 The ‘How’ & ‘What’ to do
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It’s amazing how with every episode we are reminded that God created us to “Be”, but our minds continually go back to the proverbial question of “How”? We ask ourselves, what are we supposed to do to “Be”? How are … Read More

Special Episode HAS ARRIVED
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Our special live episode has arrived to your inbox! We are so excited to be able to offer this to you. This live recording was simply phenomenal and the feedback that we received was amazing. As you heard from the … Read More

27 Where is God?
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Ever ask yourself that question? Where is God? Does He see what’s going on? Why didn’t He answer this particular prayer? Where was He when I went through…..? Well today, you’ll get your answer. Listen in as Apostle Payandeh reminds … Read More

Special Episode Sneak Peak
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We have got an EXCITING, POWERFUL, AMAZING, GLORY PACKED episode, just for you, the members of our community. This episode is being released this coming Thursday, March 2, first to our community family and then out to the general community. If … Read More

26 Pt 4 Functional Christianity
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Welcome back to part 4 of Functional Christianity, the last episode of this four part series. We pray that you have gained more understanding of what a true Functional Christian is, being totally yielded to God, thru the Holy Spirit, … Read More

25 Functional Christianity Pt 3
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Welcome back to episode 25, Pt 3 of Functional Christianity. In this episode, Apostle Payandeh continues to expound upon the shifting of your reality when you allow the Holy Spirit to work in you. As you live out of your … Read More

24 Functional Christianity Pt 2
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    Blessings to all and welcome back to Functional Christianity, Pt 2. In today’s episode Apostle Payandeh discusses the eternal love, eternal word eternal spirit and eternal blood of God; which are all elements needed in order to be … Read More

23 Functional Christianity
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In today’s episode, we join Apostle Payandeh as he preaches in his local church. Here he is further expounding on the difference between the spiritual heart and the natural soulish thinking. We learn that in order to be a Functional … Read More

22 Holy Spirit, Pt 3 Swallowed Up by God
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We have reached Pt 3 of Swallowed Up by God. This series, for us, has been one of the most exciting so far to record. The glory of God that fell during this recording was absolutely amazing; and now, you … Read More

21 Pt 2 Swallowed Up by God
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Welcome back for Pt 2 of Swallowed Up by God. In this episode, Apostle Payandeh discuss the freedom of God’s rest vs the bondage of condemnation, guilt and accusation. Did you even realize that you live out of a place … Read More

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