35 Pt 1 Restoration of Identity Through The Restoration of Worship
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Welcome to Episode 35, part 1 of a 3 part series titled: Restoration of Identity Through The Restoration of Worship. In today’s episode, Apostle Payandeh begins to teach on our identity, where it comes from and how religion has blocked … Read More

34 Substance of Truth vs The Structure of Religion
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Thank you for joining us today for Episode 34 of Quest for Rest. Today we’re discussing the Substance of Truth vs the Structure of Religion .  Today, Apostle Payandeh further breaks down why we must ENTER INTO God’s reality in … Read More

33 Substance of Light vs. The Pattern of Religion
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Welcome back to episode 33. Today Apostle Payandeh is talking to us again about reality. Many of us have been wondering why we’re having some difficulty truly understanding that our rest comes from abiding in the reality of God. We’ve … Read More

32 Confession Pt 3
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In this episode, Apostle Payandeh continues his teaching on identity, where our personality originates from and what confession does for us. As we are starting to see, confession is a necessary part of our Christian walk. Without confession, we’re unable … Read More

31 Confession Pt 2
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“So true Pastor because in every case where I have “Confessed” and then  experienced forgiveness and deliverance; there’s was no more guilt or shame!  I was then FREE to testify about God’s awesome work in my life!!!” I.P.   “Confession … Read More

30 Confession
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Wow! We have such an awesome 3 part series starting today. As Apostle Payandeh mentioned in our last episode, confession is the next necessary step in order to “Be“. As he stated, and we repeated, “We are not yet naturally what … Read More

29 The ‘How’ Pt 2
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Last week Apostle Payandeh began to answer our question of “How can we Be?”. This week we continue with this discussion as he explains the true motive behind our questioning of “How”, which was quite eye opening.  He also gives … Read More

28 The ‘How’ & ‘What’ to do
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It’s amazing how with every episode we are reminded that God created us to “Be”, but our minds continually go back to the proverbial question of “How”? We ask ourselves, what are we supposed to do to “Be”? How are … Read More

Special Episode HAS ARRIVED
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Our special live episode has arrived to your inbox! We are so excited to be able to offer this to you. This live recording was simply phenomenal and the feedback that we received was amazing. As you heard from the … Read More

27 Where is God?
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Ever ask yourself that question? Where is God? Does He see what’s going on? Why didn’t He answer this particular prayer? Where was He when I went through…..? Well today, you’ll get your answer. Listen in as Apostle Payandeh reminds … Read More

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