The Journey to Rest

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“For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.” (Hebrews 4:10)

To understand and experience the true Rest it is vital to understand the true you; who you are and who you think you are.  Rediscovering your true self, your origin and being restored to your original state is the key to the experiencing this rest.

True rest is a reality that resides beyond this visible natural realm.  It’s a reality that exempts mankind from all of his quest and effort. It is not defined within the human reasoning and intellect, but in the eternal word of God revealed by His Spirit.  It transcends human obstacles, challenges and willful intention. It is not a myth nor wishful thinking,but rather it is the true reality of God’s Rest.  It is an active realm; its reality that will supersede your natural world view and natural life experience.

It is the NOW REST IN GOD, in His intent, in His destiny and in His eternal reality.   It is a reality that impacts your entire life and personality. It is a reality that impacts your mind, thinking, emotions, choices and your spheres of influence.   It is a reality that gives real meaning to every reason for your existence. It is not found in the natural nor in the universal realm; but rather, in the Eternal realm.  It does not comply with any natural nor universal protocol of understanding and reasoning.  It is eternal in its power, nature and in its origin. It defies logic and understanding. It transforms your worldview to an Eternal view.

It is the true life experience that you have been looking for. Quest for Rest will, step by step, reveal, teach and demonstrate through Eternal protocols, this Eternal reality within your present life as you begin to experience a continuous transformation to your identity, belief, choices, external behavior, as well as your spheres of influence. You will observe, experience and testify of its reality which is heavenly. There is nothing like this that you have ever known or experienced within this life on Earth.

There is a voice that’s calling you to enter into His REST!  (Hebrews 4:1-11)

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